Kildare Community Spaces To Develop Remote Working Areas

Remote working areas
Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

Remote working areas will be created in Kildare Community spaces.

The Kildare County Development Plan (CDP) will employ spaces in buildings in communities to provide for suitable remote working, according to the Social Democrats and Councillor Nuala Killeen.

Cllr. Killeen proposed the motion in the hopes of allowing communities to capitalize on underutilized locations and use them to establish sufficient employment spaces.

Several plans in the CDP were highlighted in relation to remote working and plans for other hubs throughout the county. The Osprey Hotel in Naas was created as Kildare’s newest remote working centre, and the County Council is currently exploring for other appropriate locations for similar ventures.

The motion received widespread support and demonstrates the purpose and acceptance that plans for workers to work remotely would continue for the foreseeable future. The motion was adopted by the council and passed.

Many such remote working hubs have come into existence in the recent past and many others are in the making. with remote work taking precedence over in-person work, many such remote working hub projects are likely to be seen in the future too.

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