Kakao And Naver To Set Remote Work Trend In The IT Industry

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As the daily number of infections continues to decline steadily, Kakao and Naver have stated that they would embrace a remote work system as the norm, despite the fact that some organizations are forcing their employees to return to office work, the companies said Tuesday.

Given that the country’s two most prominent internet businesses encourage its workers to work remotely, the IT sector in this country is paying attention to the trend since their methods of working might become the industry’s new norm.

In July, Kakao plans to adopt a metaverse working system, which will replace the remote working system that employees are now utilising.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020, Kakao has allowed workers to work remotely, and its Corporate Alignment Center (CAC), which serves as a control tower for the company’s affiliates, has been seeking to establish more innovative working methods.

“We conducted several workshops based on various remote work cases and experiences we had over the past two years. As a result, we decided that how to work is more important than where to work.”Kakao’s Statement

The metaverse working system is a method of collaboration that connects coworkers in a virtual place independent of their actual location. Employees will be able to conduct all of their job online utilising various technologies such as text, speech, and video, according to the corporation. In July, the business will begin testing the new work system.

“After experiencing remote work over the past two years, we have concluded that connection is more important than physical space. We will help the crew work efficiently and establish itself as a culture that penetrates the Kakao community.”Namkoong Whon, CEO, Kakao

From July, Naver will launch its new Connected Work system, which allows employees to choose between office and remote work.

The new work arrangement is separated into Type O for individuals who work more than three days a week in the office and Type R for those who work remotely. Employees that choose Type R will be able to come to the office if required, since Naver promises to provide a flexible co-working area.

“We have created a trust-based autonomous culture and had top performance. We will keep seeking ways for employees to immerse themselves in work in an optimal environment.”Choi Soo-yeon, CEO, Naver

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