JP Morgan CEO Suggests Remote Work May Not Be Ideal For All Employees, But May Be Beneficial For Certain Groups

JP Morgan

In an interview with CNBC, Jamie Dimon stated that remote work is not ideal for young people and managers but can be “perfectly reasonable” for coders and women with caregiver concerns. He said that remote work could cause isolation, lack of mentorship, and difficulty in building relationships, which could be detrimental to the development of young people and managers. However, for other groups and types of employees, remote work can provide flexibility and the ability to balance work and personal responsibilities.

Remote work continues to be a controversial topic as leaders around the world have different thoughts on it. For some, remote work is the future and needs to be included in all business practices. But for others, like JP Morgan´s CEO, it´s not that simple. 

Jamie Dimon´s Thoughts on Remote Work 

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, made some controversial statements last year when he openly opposed remote work, defending how working from the office is helpful for company culture, among other things.

However, during an interview with CNBC, he explained that remote work can be beneficial for certain groups of people, particularly women or main caregivers. He stated that it’s perfectly reasonable to help women with remote work arraignments, as COVID-19 showed the challenges and difficulties main caregivers have. 

Additionally, for other types of employees, like programmers, working from home makes sense. But for “young kids” and managers, it doesn’t work due to the lack of spontaneity and learning opportunities that onsite interaction brings. 


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