Remote Work Manga Hub In Japan

remote work manga hub

Kochi Prefecture launches a remote work Manga hub. 

After the pandemic, Japan government highly relied on remote work strategies to keep the country going. Based in western Japan, Kochi Prefecture has always been a dynamic center for manga artists. As a result of the pandemic, it is setting up a local manga hub with several famous artists. 

Now, the remote work manga hub becomes part of the plan. The Kochi prefectural government partners with three municipal governments and Kochi Shinkin Bank. And the aim is to attract firms in the animation industry. Opening a headquarter in the area, the project enables artists to work remotely.

Initially, a satellite office based in Kochi city will provide support to attract companies in the animation industry. In addition, the prefecture plans an animation festival in 2023. And the region will be promoted as a manga hub at the 2025 World Expo in Osaka.

Famous manga artists like Ryuichi Yokoyama; Takashi Yanase; Taira Hara; and Rieko Saibara come from the Shikoku region. And the Kochi area is famous for the annual Manga-Koshien competition.

As a result, the local government is setting up a remote work manga hub to attract more artists despite the pandemic. Indeed, the world is keeping increasing traveling restrictions. And these solutions create space for artists and creators. The remote work manga hub allows artists to work wherever they are. Finally, working remotely opens to international collaborations.

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