ITV’s Hybrid Work Plans for New London Headquarters

ITV new office hybrid work plans
Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

U.K. TV giant ITV revealed on Thursday that it has agreed to a lease for 13 years at the BBC’s Broadcast Centre. This move is aligned with their hybrid work plans and will bring all of ITV’s London staff to one office.

The new 120,000 square feet office space will support ITV’s “smart working initiative and staff feedback on their preferred future working patterns.” During the pandemic, the management realized that a majority of the employees prefer a hybrid working model as there are roles that can be fulfilled remotely. This move will also help with ITV’s cost saving target.

Currently, ITV employees are split between two locations in Central London and WestWorks in White City.

Broadcast Centre has a flexible layout and is equipped with most of the tech required for ITV’s operations.

“Our people have made it really clear to us that they want to build on the positive aspects of their experience over the last 18 months to have a more balanced approach to office-based and remote working,. That balance will vary from team to team given the kind of work we do, and we know that face-to-face collaboration is crucial for creativity and innovation.”Carolyn McCall, CEO of ITV

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