Italy: Alternatives To One-euro Home Schemes 

one-euro home schemes

After the pandemic, Italy launched a one-euro home scheme to revitalize rural and abandoned Italian towns. Now, new alternatives to this scheme are coming up.

Several Italian towns joined the one-euro home scheme initiative following the remote work revolution. However, the process proved to be more complicated than the expectation. Between bureaucratic obstacles and difficult logistics, buying a house requires time and effort. 

As a result, different Italian towns came up with alternatives to the one-euro home scheme: 

The towns of Carrega Ligure (Piedmont), Latronico (Basilicata), Biccari (Puglia) and Troina (Sicily) launched different websites to showcase affordable and renovated homes. In addition, they provide real estate agencies and legal assistance to support buyers during the whole process. As Carrega Ligure mayor Luca Silvestri said: “So we thought the best way was to help locals willing to offload their old homes by giving them an online platform, handled by village authorities, where they can either sell or rent the properties. Supply meets demand.” 

Montieri (Tuscany) initially joined the one-euro home scheme. Now, the administration places the house on the market starting at €20.000. The aim is to attract foreign investors in the area. 

The Alpine village of Locana (Piedmont) will give up to €9,000 over three years to families moving to the town. To be eligible, families must have at least a child and a €6.000/year salary. On the other hand, the nearby city of Borgomezzavalle offers €1,000 for newborns and €2,000 to entrepreneurs willing to start a business in the area. Finally, Badia Polesine provides a €1,000 incentive to families settling in the area. 

Santa Fiora (Tuscany) promotes incentives for digital nomads: from a 50% discount on rent to €200 incentives, the city attracted remote workers for at least 6 months. On the local website, travelers can find useful information and procedures. 

The one-euro home scheme might be complicated. However, following the remote work trend, initiatives are now coming up to restart the local economy and grow a new market. 


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