IT and Finance Sectors More Likely To Work Remotely

IT workers remote work
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Client firms that employ IT workers, as well as corporations in the “finance/insurance” sector, have particularly high percentages of contingent workers working remotely at the moment, and hybrid work is expected to grow.

When asked how much of their contingent employees worked remotely this year, the median response from big staffing client businesses was 60%. However, they expect that this will drop to 50% in the following two years.

According to the Staffing Industry Analysis survey, client organizations that predominantly utilize contingent workers with IT capabilities reported that 75 percent of their contingents are remote, while this proportion is expected to drop to 50 percent in two years. Meanwhile, client businesses in the “finance/insurance” area reported that the great majority of temporary workers, 90 percent, worked remotely. In two years, that figure is predicted to drop to 60%.

Hybrid work was also a topic of discussion. According to the results of the poll, 13 percent of all client organisations’ contingent workforces operate on a mixed schedule. However, when questioned about their projection for the following two years, the median response was that 20% of contingents will be on a hybrid schedule.

The poll was performed in March and April of this year and contains responses from 112 organisations in the Americas area that have contingent workforce and/or RPO initiatives.

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