Ireland Launches Its National Hub Network App for Remote Workers


Remote workers in Ireland will now have hundreds of remote working hubs across the state. The Minister for Social Protection, Heather Humphreys, announced the creation of 400 state-funded centers with high-speed broadband to allow remote work. The initiative comes as a response to cut down commuting for workers. 

Ireland´s government has been working to make remote work a possibility for most citizens over the past months. In the past month, the country legislated the right to request remote work. And now, it’s facilitating remote work by providing remote employees with hundred of new working hubs.

Ireland´s Remote Working Hubs

Yesterday, Heather Humphreys announced via Twitter that the government offers state-funded remote working centers. These centers were old buildings that are now turned into remote working facilities with high-speed internet and quality broadband. 

Heather Humphreys

The state created, ConnectedHubs, the application to help remote workers connect with the nearest working hub. People will only need to download the app and book the hub of their preference. 

ConnectedHubs Ireland Twitter

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