In Ireland The Demand for Remote Work is Six Times Higher Than Before The Pandemic


According to a study by Job Search Survey, in Ireland, searches for jobs that allow employees to work remotely were six times higher than before the pandemic. The study analyzed job postings in 20 OECD countries that indicated that this trend would continue even if the country started to reopen. 

Ireland recently legislated the right to request remote work. While employers are not obligated to allow remote work, thousands of employees are looking for flexible work opportunities in the country. 

Ireland & Remote Work

Job Search Survey found out that employers in Ireland are still offering remote possibilities to attract talent. Working from home postings make up 12.5% of job adverts on in Ireland. This is 4 times higher than before the pandemic. 

The study, which is part of Indeeds monthly Job Search Survey, found different perspectives:

  • 25% of people feel they have been less productive working from home. While 23.2% stated they have been more productive, 51.4% haven’t experienced any difference in terms of productivity.
  • 26.4% say they are better working from home in terms of work-life balance compared to 24.8 who say it’s worse. 48.8% reported no major difference.
  • 20% of employees say their relationships with their co-workers improved while working remotely, and 17% say they have worsened. 63.3% haven’t experienced any changes. 

Jack Kennedy, economist at Indeed, says that remote working trends are likely to increase despite offices reopening:

“Real thought needs to be given to welcoming new employees and spreading corporate culture in a hybrid environment where some staff are in the office and some at home. Secondly, management and leadership styles will need to evolve to best transmit knowledge and motivate teams. Finally, we must accept that while increasing employee flexibility was a trend pre-Covid, the process has been massively accelerated, and on this steep learning curve, it is likely that there will be teething problems along the way with company policies; needing to adapt and evolve.” 


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