Indiana Plans To Capitalize On Remote Work

Indians remote work
Photo by Croissant on Unsplash

A nonprofit organization in Indiana is hoping to assist the state in capitalizing on the remote work boom.

More than a third of last year’s university graduates started their careers with work-from-home positions. The majority of respondents surveyed stated they would accept lower compensation in exchange for the ability to work from home.

Mike Rutz, CEO of MakeMyMove, refers to those people as “geographic free agents,” and believes Indiana should make an effort to sign them.

MakeMyMove is putting up what it’s calling Indiana Remote Start Fellowships, which are a mix of networking opportunities and a clearinghouse for companies to gather best practices information. Employers will be better equipped to give remote employees with the tools they require, according to Rutz, provided they have a complete picture of what they require.

The list of tools, according to Rutz, begins with possibilities for remote employees to network with one another and can include advantages such as co-working spaces, local gym memberships, and university library access.

Workers who have been out of college for two years or less will be eligible for the programme. MakeMyMove will have the software ready to debut during the summer, according to Rutz.

In December of 2020, MakeMyMove was launched. This online directory aims to help remote workers relocate by providing them information about the cities giving benefits and additional info about such places.

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