97% of Indian Employees Prefer Hybrid or Remote Work

Remote or hybrid work
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Only 3% of respondents, according to the Avsar research, said they would like to work from office.

In a new study, the talent management platform Avsar discovered that recruiting prospects in India are still promising in 2022. There has been a noticeable increase in hiring over the last two quarters, and throughout the fiscal year 2022, 8 million jobs were generated in a variety of industries.

A previous research also indicated that Indian employees need a solid reason to return to office for work.

The Avsar survey also discovered that industries including IT, pharmaceuticals, and BFSI had the most increase. This year, Pune has the highest rate of employment (78.11%), followed by Trivandrum and Lucknow (74.32% and 64.48%, respectively). It is anticipated that more people would be hired in Tier 1 cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The sector that has created the most jobs, with a rate of 26.9%, is sales and business development, followed by IT/ITES with a rate of 20.6% and the marketing sector with a rate of 9.9%. The study also suggests that a slight recession, which will affect India’s white-collar workers, is predicted to occur in 2023.

Out of the 10,000 employees polled, 97% said they preferred working remotely or using a hybrid approach that included at least two days of remote work. Only 3% of respondents said they would prefer to work from home.

“Post-Covid, the job market is gaining momentum in India. The hiring scenario seems progressive as jobs for both blue-collar workers and white-collar workforce are growing rapidly. All in all, hiring surged in the past two quarters of 2022 and this trend is expected to sustain its pace even in the year’s last quarter as well.“Navneet Singh, CEO, Avsar

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