Long Remote Work Hours Lead To Burnout

long remote work hours

India_ According to a recent survey, long remote work hours lead to burnout and job change for most employees. 

After the pandemic, burnout is a serious problem. Recognized by most employers, the syndrome impacts workers of any kind when overloaded. However, the problem is increasing even after restriction lifting. 

Recently, UserTesting released a report on the topic. According to their search, the Indian workforce risk severe burnout for three main reasons, according to respondents: 

  • 50% states excessive workload;
  • 20% work-life imbalance; 
  • 15% monotony on the job.

While working from home increase flexibility, long remote work hours are becoming a source of stress for most employees. According to the survey, most respondents feel overworked because of increased meetings, communication channels, and daily tasks. For example, 55% of professionals noticed an increased workload and work hours after the first lockdowns. Further, 80% of respondents are still working on hybrid arrangements, and 10% work on-site or from home. 

To conclude, the survey shows that 55% of respondents can balance better their work and personal life with hybrid models. And 70% feel more satisfied with the job with hybrid arrangements. 

Long remote work hours are a risk for employees and employers alike. Even if 10% of companies implement social events to fight burnout, it’s crucial to monitor workload and tasks. 


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