New Ideal Remote Workspace To Work From Everywhere

ideal remote workspace

Denizen Architype designs an ideal remote workspace. Available by subscription, remote workers can set up the prefabricated office in any location

Remote work and hybrid models are the norms after the pandemic. Even after vaccination campaigns allowed lighten COVID restrictions, most employees are still working from home. That’s why Denizen Archetype comes as an alternative solution to set up an ideal remote workspace. 

New Ideal Remote Workspace To Work Everywhere

The 90-square-foot office pod aims to inspire focus and creativity, increasing productivity in a relaxing environment. The mobile office features integrated heating, cooling, air filtration, a mini-fridge, and a rear lunge with overhead reading light. In addition, each pod provides a customizable standing desk made of sustainable materials such as a harvested cypress slab. The desk incorporates a fully integrated control panel, through which users can adjust the pod’s lights, select music, front and rear cameras, and obsolete the glass.

Finally, remote workers can find a single point USB-C connecting everything; cable management; a footrest; a cross-laminated timber planter; and diverse fully recyclable and 3D-printed materials. 

As the Denizen website states: “With 10′ ceilings and immersive windows, it’s big enough to love spending your whole day in but small enough to install anywhere with minimal permits.

This ideal remote workspace is still in a conceptual stage, and Denizen is looking for partners. Following the remote work revolution, the idea is to create accessible work sites for remote workers. As Nick Foley, CEO of Denizen said “There is a major unmet need in the shift to flexible, remote, and hybrid work, and it’s going to take conventional real estate decades to catch up. Even prior to the pandemic, offices were expensive, distracting, and inconvenient. A better solution was needed. We’ve created a space so inspiring that it will change the way you want to work and live. And by offering it as a subscription service, we make it natural for employers to give their teams a professional, connected, and safe work environment.”

While it’s hard to predict the post-covid future of the workforce, remote work trends are transforming what we consider an ideal remote workspace. 


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