Hyundai Launches Universe Mobile Office

Mobile office
Photo by Silvio Bergamo on Unsplash

In order to help teams stay productive while traveling and working remotely, Hyundai has introduced the Universe Mobile Office, a version of its luxury passenger bus for the Korean market.

In order to create Universe Mobile Office, Hyundai Motor considered the bus as a smart mobility solution rather than merely a mode of transportation. The company hopes to lead the motor coach industry with this concept by providing a tailored solution that elevates remote work to the pinnacle of luxury and mobility.

With three unique seating spaces and luxurious yet useful design elements like semi-automatic blinds and light-colored laminated floors, the inside of the bus combines the harmony of curves and straight lines to create the atmosphere of an open-air workplace.

The optimal floor layout of the Universe Mobile Office supports both solitary and collaborative work by having storage places all throughout, personal desks in the middle, and group collaboration spaces at the front and back. The group collaboration area at the front of the room is set up with a video conferencing system, folding conference table, sofa seating, and specially constructed storage to maximize the effectiveness of collaboration.

In order to provide a comfortable setting for work and pleasure while traveling, the personal workplaces in the middle are furnished with luxury reclining seats, tables, wireless charging pads, individual entertainment systems, and personal storage spaces.

Standard 10-seater, 13-seater (12+1) with group collaboration space in the front, 13-seater (12+1) with enlarged office space, and 13-seater (11+1+1) with different seat configurations for transportation and collaboration are the three possibilities for Universe Mobile Office. At the Seoul Mobility Show in 2021, the business debuted the mobile office with a range of distinct workstations and passenger seating.

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