HSBC Lets Staff Work From Home Permanently

HSBC Building
AUCKLAND,NZ – JUNE 01 2014:HSBC Bank New Zealand branche in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s one of the world’s largest banks,it has around 7,200 offices in 85 countries and around 89Êmillion customers.

The latest company in joining the remote work revolution is HSBC. They recently announced they would be allowing their call center staff to work from home permanently. 

During these first months of 2021, companies and large corporations are continue announcing the shift towards a hybrid model, with only a few exceptions, such as Google, that are returning to the office earlier than anticipated. 

A hybrid model, which translates into working several days remotely and others back in the office, provides employees with more flexibility. And as the results from the pandemic have shown, working remotely is a successful model.

HSBC New Work From Home Policy

The multinational bank has not fully defined how this remote/hybrid policy will be working. However, an HSBC UK spokesman announced that they have plans of offering flexibility on work locations for its UK staff. 

‘’We are in discussions with contact centre colleagues who serve HSBC UK retail customers about ways that we can offer flexibility on work location while ensuring the way we work meets our customers’ needs. These discussions are continuing.”

HSCS has not finalized the exact number of those who will be working from home permanently. However, according to Reuters’ survey, 70% of the bank’s 1,800 call-center staff wants to continue working from home permanently. 


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