HP Launches “Hybrid Work Friendly” PCs

Hybrid work friendly
Photo by Chris Alupului on Unsplash

HP recently launched a new line of all-in-one PCs that include new tools and capabilities aimed to make hybrid and remote work more convenient for the end user.

An array of powerful desktops and portable workstations, as well as new Elite and Z lines by HP, will be part of the new HP All-in-One PC lineup. There will be a new generation of all-in-one Elite PCs with the newest Intel Core processors and AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 processors, as well as a space-saving design for usage in the office or at home.

Presence tools, a suite of collaborative and video conferencing technologies for remote and hybrid work, were showcased at CES 2022 in several laptops. Presence-enabled PCs are designed to make modern work more efficient by enhancing focus and enhancing video conferencing capabilities. A 5MP camera with HP Auto Frame for an accurate field of view and Dynamic Voice Leveling for better microphone audio are included in the Presence tools.

The HP EliteOne 800 G9 is intended to serve as a workstation for a home office, with all of the computational and video power contained in a single display, and it will feature HP Presence technologies.

New all-in-ones, such as the Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop and Elite Tower 800 G8 Desktop, are all designed to deliver excellent graphics and performance while prioritising the amount of storage available. At the end of February, 2022, the Elite 800 series of all-in-ones will begin to be released.

The Z by HP entry-level desktops, which include the HP Z2 Mini G9, a small, compact PC with the potential to connect to up to eight monitors, are also part of the new batch of workstations. In order to provide the best possible performance, all Z Workstations are equipped with high-end NVIDIA RTX professional graphics cards and more than 1.5 TB of RAM. New Z workstations for hybrid working will be ready in March of 2022.

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