(VIDEO) Book Week Day 1 : How to Work Together Anywhere

Think Remote brings to you Book Week 2021! Luis starts Day 1 of the Book Week by sharing his views on the book, “Work Together Anywhere” by Lisette Sutherland and Kirsten Janene-Nelson. Lisette has been a DistantJob podcast guest in 2019.

The book covers all the challenges and situations that one might face when they’re working remotely. Whether you’re a remote leader or a remote employee, this book is for everyone. Luis talks about how the book is organized in a way that can help you with your remote work journey as there are many actionable tips in there. Watch the video to know more about the book!

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Today in Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis we start Book Week. And on day one of Book Week, we’ll learn how to work together anywhere over some coffee.

Well, today is Book Week day one, Monday. I hope you’re enjoying, and what better way to start Remote Work Monday than Working Together Anywhere. Working Together Anywhere is a book by Lisette Sutherland and K. Janene-Nelson, and this book is my first pick when advising people books to work remotely because it is comprehensive. Lisette hosted her own podcast about remote work, she has a business called the Collaboration Superpowers that they actually create some nifty tools for working remotely. And the book is basically a list of all the challenges, problems, solutions, situations that you will find when working remotely.

It comes from her serving and talking to a lot of people, literally thousands of people. And it has steps for employers, for managers, for teams, for organizations. It’s quite a comprehensive list and I have not only enjoyed going through it a couple of times, because I got it and then I read it again before interviewing Lisette on my own podcast. And I still refer to it, because just the way that Lisette and their co-author, pardon for not referring both authors all the time, but it’s just because I’ve met Lisette so I tend to have a bias towards mentioning her. But the reality is that this is organized in a way that is really easy to refer to.

So, let’s say that you feel like you’re having a trouble with communication in hybrid situations. Well, you’d go to the appendix of the book, it has quite a thorough appendix, and you go through it and you find out the keywords that you need. You go to those pages and you can find descriptions of problems, descriptions of the solutions, actionable advice. It really is one awesome book. And to me this is really a must buy, a must have book for anyone working remotely. In fact, I put my money where my mouth is and I have always an extra copy to gift to anyone that comes over to my place, and we are talking about Remote Work. If they mention they need any help, this is one of the two books that I gift them.

What is the other book that I gift to them? Well you’re going to wait further down Book Week to progress further in Book Week in order to learn that. But for now, again, please consider my recommendation. It’s Work Together Anywhere by Lisette Sutherland and K. Janene-Nelson. I do believe that there’s a second edition already on the market. I haven’t read the second edition but I know that Lisette worked a lot on it. So, maybe it has some extra stuff. By all means get that. But whatever you do, if you’re working from home, I totally recommend it. It’s an absolute masterpiece field guide for working remotely. So, it comes with the highest recommendation.

What also comes with the highest recommendation is thinkremote.com. We’ve worked hard in getting Incredible content to help you work better remotely there. We are doing some giveaways for the website’s launch month if you subscribe to the newsletter. So, go to thinkremote.com and subscribe there. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the content that we have for you. And if you enjoyed this video, please like, share, subscribe. It’s always a pleasure. See you here tomorrow for day two of Book Week. This was Virtual Coffee Chat with Lewis for Think Remote. See you tomorrow.


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