How to Make Money on Pinterest: A Beginners Guide

how to make money on Pinterest

Help! How Can I Earn Extra Income On Pinterest As A Side Hustle?

Home to laughable memes, perfect gift ideas, and loads of cookie recipes, there is a lot of media on Pinterest for you to enjoy. But between all these wonderful ideas, did you ever stop to think about how to make money on Pinterest?

Most people are not familiar with the significant opportunity that Pinterest provides. It can help businesses increase revenue and allows startups to market their brands. Rest assured, this platform is more than just a place to view IKEA furniture and ab workouts. 

But is it true? Can you earn from Pinterest?

Can You Make Money On Pinterest?

From content creators to online businesses, everyone is using Pinterest these days to drive traffic to their websites or blogs. If the people you are targeting using this platform regularly, you are likely to make some sales and add some dollars to your bank account.

Pinterest itself revealed that 45% of adults in the United States, especially those with a household income of more than $100,000 annually, frequent the platform.

How To Make Money On Pinterest? 11 Ways

1. Run Ads

If you have a Pinterest business account, there is some good news for you! You can run ads on the platform to achieve your goals. Let’s find out what these could be.

  • Driving traffic to your website or blog
  • Creating awareness for your brand
  • Encouraging signups on newsletters

Ads can aid you in generating revenue in various ways. It can send potential customers to your product pages or help you generate traffic for newsletters and blog posts. 

Best For: Directing traffic to a particular web page or site.

2. Create Product Pins

Whether you have a third-party website or your own remote business, you can use product pins and earn from Pinterest. This tactic is a surefire way to get your brand in front of the customers and in their minds. 

Pinterest lays out a specific format for product pins, which consists of metadata. This helps businesses convey to the users that the pins are shoppable. They also contain prices, product descriptions, and product availability to help make the search for your products easier for users. 

Best For: People selling products online, through websites or third-party sites. 

3. Make It Easier For Others To Shop Your Looks

Have you ever seen ‘Shop The Look’ pins when you are browsing for cute or funky or any kind of outfits on Pinterest? This is an easy way for you to put some money in the bank too. You can just promote what you usually wear and use. 

All you need to do is create your account and set up these pins. Whenever anyone opens your link to order the products, your bank balance will go up. 

Best For: Fashion bloggers and influencers. 

4. Create Idea Pins For Brand Partnerships

Idea Pins are another great way to earn from Pinterest. It is a multi-page pin format, much like Instagram Stories. You can use its paid partnership tool and match with brand partners and get paid to promote the products of other businesses online

Best For: Bloggers, creators, or influencers with a substantial following

5. Gain Sponsorship

You cannot read a guide on how to make money on Pinterest without discussing a brand sponsorship. If you have a large number of followers on the platform, you can search for companies that fall in your niche and talk to them about a possible sponsorship. 

The more your followers, the quicker the process of finding sponsors will be. Make sure to offer them a good deal to display their branding, and you will surely land some quick bucks. 

Best For: Bloggers, creators, or influencers with a large following

6. Promote Affiliate Products And Services

Pinterest ideas to make money also include becoming affiliates to market the products or services of a company. It will help you gain a commission for all your hard work and monetize your account on the platform. 

The first thing to do if you want this method to work would be to search for companies whose products align with the people who follow you. Sign up as an affiliate and display the products or services on your pinboards. Soon enough, your money-making potential will go up, given that you use the right affiliate links. 

Best For: Affiliate marketers and people who do not have their own goods to sell. 

7. Make A Pinterest Creator Fund

This is a wonderful program and one of the top answers to your question about how to make money on Pinterest. It is a financial aid program for those creators on the platform who are underrepresented.

Along with financial support, you can also receive education regarding the kind of content you should create. This opens you up to many valuable resources that you can use to monetize your account. 

Best For: People belonging to an underrepresented community. 

8. Earn Creator Rewards

Now, this is a fun and creative way of making money on Pinterest, especially since all you need to do is reach goals. Yes! Pinterest Creator Rewards program pays out dollars to platform creators for achieving certain objectives. Remember, it is not available to everyone right now since it is still being tested. But this is something great to look forward to, isn’t it?

Best For: People who frequent the platform a lot. 

9. Become A Virtual Assistant On Pinterest

As a virtual assistant on Pinterest, you are responsible for running the accounts of other users. This means that you create pins, schedule content, and actively promote their page. So, if you want to earn some dollars on the side, create an account as a virtual assistant and show off your abilities.

Make sure to market yourself on a website or connect with your favorite brands and ask if they need your services. 

Best For: For those with people skills and knowledge of marketing. 

10. Teach Marketing For Pinterest

Are you an expert on the platform? Then why don’t you convey your wisdom to others in return for a fee. You can launch your own website or design a virtual course that has a number of modules. 

Best For: Pinterest marketing experts.

11. Start A Blog

Starting a blog on Pinterest is much like creating your own on any other platform. But the best part is that this particular platform is used as a search engine for various images. So, pick a niche and write content on the topic. Then, be sure to add links to various pictures so that they pop up when anyone types in a query related to your niche.

Voila! Your blog on Pinterest is ready to go, and you are going to be reeling in extra dollars soon!

Best For: Bloggers and influencers.

Time To Earn Money On Pinterest

So, now that you know how to make money on Pinterest, you can use these best methods to utilize the platform and all its features. They are all quite straightforward and can help you add a zero or several to your bank balance. 

Just make sure to focus on tools that will resonate most with your needs and your niche, and you will be on your merry way to making money on Pinterest!


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