7 Online Business Ideas For Beginners Under $1000

Imagine you could have your own business. You could sell your favorite products, choose the best designs, and even build your dream team to assist you on projects. Probably, you’ve fantasized several times about running your own business and soon got discouraged since it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and money. But despite building a business being expensive, there are many online businesses that you can start with a tight budget. Would you give it a try? 

If something good came out of COVID-19 and lockdowns, people realized they could work from any location in the world. During quarantine periods, the internet helped people maintain their jobs or look for different opportunities. So, while you might feel clueless about starting an online business, there are millions of ideas waiting on your computer.  

How To Start An Online Business With a 1000$ Budget

The good news is that you don’t need a business degree or any previous experience to run a successful online business. However, some might need particular skills to succeed – as well as some general knowledge. Like any other remote company, you’ll need a plan.

Focus on your capabilities and interest. If you plan to sell a particular product, you’ll have to make sure you have the marketing skills to advertise and reach your desired audience. Or if you want to sell perishable products – like food or drinks – you would have to sell them fast to avoid these from ruining. There are many online business ideas for beginners, but you also need to evaluate which will benefit you the.

The internet is the land of opportunities, and for online business, the primary source of income. Once you’ve decided on your business, it’ll be all about research to improve your performance. Through the internet, you’ll have to determine the company’s aims, find customers, analyze the competition, and search for low-cost ways to deliver your products in time. And once you finished with these, your online business can start running!

7 Online Business Ideas for Beginners and How to Start Them

1. Start an eCommerce Business

Whether it’s a new pair of boots, some candles for their living room, or a set of fancy spoons for cooking, people love to buy. And in 2020 – since nobody could leave their homes – online sales grew more than ever. Instead of quitting the need for consumption, people increased it even more!

Creating an online shop is one of the traditional and easiest ways to earn money on the web since it’s location-independent. It only takes you to sell something others want to buy – and there’s always something people want to buy. It can be anything – from phone cases to dog lashes – you just need to turn your creativity on. 

To grow an eCommerce business on your own, you’ll need one thing: products. And after you’ve decided on the products you’ll be offering, focus on your selling skills and strengthen them as much as you can. You’ll need to figure how to position your online shop and get customers to buy. 

  • Equipment: first, choose the products you’ll be selling. Then, to create the eCommerce, you can go for WordPress eCommerce plugins or WooCommerce since they are the simplest – but if you’re looking for something more professional, try Shopify
  • Cost to cover the business: the only money you’ll invest is for the first batch of products, let’s say $500-800. Once the business is running, you’ll be able to buy with your earnings!
  • Difficulty: not hard at all. Once you’ve chosen the product, you’ll have to figure out how you’ll send these – via dropshipping or affiliate vendor. 

2. Create A Blog

Blogging has been around for a long time, and it grew a few years ago with the expansion of content marketing. Creating a blog is still among the most popular online business ideas, and rookie online entrepreneurs still chose it because you can make a successful and profitable business from the comfort of your house!

It could take you only a few hours to start running this business. Online tools – like WordPress – helped make these more accessible. What you’ll need before starting your blog is to ask yourself a few questions. Who will be your target audience? What topics are you planning to cover? 

Once you’ve set these central issues, all you’ll need is a hosting account in any online tool you’ve chosen to create the webpage, and you can get started. But be careful! ! A blog itself is not a business. You’ll have to select the ways you’ll monetize your website – through advertising, ebooks, online courses, coaching, affiliate marketing, or membership websites. 

Remember, blogging is about consistency. It takes a lot of work to be successful in online blogging. To reach all audiences, you need to regularly write new pieces of content, invest in advertising, and create accounts on social media.

  • Equipment: blogging is about choosing the platform and starting to create content. It’ll take you time for research and writing, but almost no equipment. You also need to dilute the textual content of your blogs with other materials and there are different tools you can try to use – a video converter for creating and editing video, a photo editor, and different kinds of cameras, and lighting.
  • Cost to cover the business: a blog itself doesn’t cost any money. The investment you’ll need will be for advertising and other monetization ways you use to generate revenue. It’ll be around $500 per month.
  • Difficulty: all you need is inspiration and something you want to communicate.

3. Become a Consultant

Consultants provide expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to organizations or individuals, based on their expertise. This job could be considered a part of freelancing, but instead of fulfilling tasks for other people, you just advise them how to do them by themselves. It sounds like a dream job, right? 

What’s fantastic about this business idea for beginners is becoming a consultant on anything, whether weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, dating and marriage problems, or even pet care. Once you’ve picked the topic you’re specialized in, you’ll only have to offer it as a service. 

Online consulting businesses are fixers, serving as objective troubleshooters and providing strategies to prevent problems and improve performance. Finding a need and people willing to pay money for advice, you can create a business out of it!

  • Equipment: you can create a regular website to offer your service. Once you’ve received customers, you could deliver your services via accessible technology like Skype and email.
  • Cost to cover the business: the price is low. You’ll need around $200 to create the website, and the rest of the tools will be for free. But if you’re planning to take this business to the next level, you could also invest in creating digital products or writing an ebook ($500-600).
  • Difficulty: find a need in people. Focus on the unsolved problem and offer a solution. 

4. Run a Vlog

Are you familiar with this term? A vlog refers to a personal website or social media account where you regularly post short videos. Video has become one of the most popular types of content on the web. And by now, YouTube is the second-largest most popular site in the world. There are millions of people who make a full-time income using this platform. 

It’s easy to make money online vlogging. Once you’ve uploaded a new video, you can monetize it by bringing a certain number of views. So YouTube will play advertisements along with your video and give you a percentage of the ad revenue. 

Plus, having a successful YouTube channel can lead you to other business opportunities like collaborations, social media engagements, and more. 

  • Equipment: with a camera, a good computer, and some high-quality microphones, you’ll be covered. 
  • Cost to cover the business: it costs zero dollars to create a YouTube account, start uploading videos and then begin to monetize your videos with advertisements.
  • Difficulty: if you’re shy, this probably isn’t the best business idea for you. 

5. Sell Online Courses

You can learn whatever you want from home by just opening your laptop and searching for “how to …”. The internet gave humans the necessary tools to learn anything at any time. So if you’re good at something, why don’t you teach it to others?

Running online courses is about selling knowledge to others in a digital form. Once you’ve chosen what you’re teaching, you have different ways to communicate your understanding. Online courses can be in written form – like an email course or written documents uploaded to a specific platform – or video, audio, and other visual formats. It’ll depend on your skills and the topic you choose to teach. 

People often create online courses once they’ve already tried having a blog or a newsletter – but this doesn’t mean you should have attempted these to offer online courses. However, classes are fantastic to receive instant feedback while creating content and asking your readers for opinions. 

  • Equipment: if you go for the written content, try to gather everything on the same platform – like a WordPress website. But if you’ll create visual content, buy a friendly camera and a high-quality microphone. 
  • Cost to cover the business: it depends on your aim and customers for the courses. Try to include some advertisements to reach wider audiences. It’ll cost around $200 a month.
  • Difficulty: with your knowledge of the topic you pick, you’ll just need to get organized and start your business! 

Does selling online courses sound interesting? Then check out our post on online business managers to know how to run it.

6. Create a multi vendor booking system

One of the SaaS business ideas easy is creating a multi vendor booking system where multiple
vendors can offer their services to customers. Thanks to the comprehensive and modern
features, you can start growing your business without having coding knowledge.

With SaaS, you can create a subscription-based business model that allows recurring revenue. Plus, there are very few overhead costs associated with running a SaaS business.
By installing this multi vendor booking system, you can help busy people who need to schedule
appointments with different businesses in one day. This online booking system can be used for
classes, salons, fitness, spa, law, and more. There are no hidden costs or monthly fees; you only pay a one-time subscription fee.

Equipment: You must have a WordPress site to offer the service. After installing your
WordPress site, you can use Booknetic SaaS to create a multi vendor booking system.
Cost to cover the business: You’ll need about $489 to set up your reservation system.
Difficulty: You need to research different marketing tools to reach new customers and
make the right marketing strategy to increase the number of loyal customers.

7. Become a UX/UI Designer

Apps became a crucial part of our lives and a vast worldwide market. Though it might seem a bit saturated, it’ll only keep on growing. People use apps to fulfill needs, and that’s where you should inquire.   

You could focus on UX or UI design to get into the app world. A UX designer creates satisfying or compelling experiences for the user of a product or service, drawing on results from user research and workflow analysis. At the same time, UI designers create interactive programs that enhance a customer’s experience with a brand and facilitate an enjoyable experience on the business’s website.

It’s all about improving customers’ experiences! You’ll only have to decide on the type of design you want to try. What’s great about this business idea is you can learn everything on your own through Youtube videos, online guides, and other kinds of tutorials.

  • Equipment: since you’re a beginner, investigate as much as you can about the design you’ll develop. Watch as many tutorials as you can. 
  • Cost to cover the business: UX/UI designers make an average of $40 per hour of work. However, it’ll be great if you could take online courses for $200-300 to strengthen your knowledge. 
  • Difficulty: you’ll need concentration and creativity. App design is all about focus and imagination. 

Ready To Get Your Online Business Running? 

Starting an online business as a beginner can be an intimidating process. You might feel afraid to fail or to lose money on non-sense investments. But there are thousands of ideas under $1.000 for you to try and improve with just a click. It’s all about how you carry the execution. 

The internet offers many ways to make money with no previous knowledge while enabling you to work from anywhere you want. There will be plenty of online business ideas for beginners that’ll match your interests. Now is your chance to decide what you want to do and your desires for this new road.  

Remember, anyone can start an online business. So it’s your responsibility to search for daily improvement and sustained growth. Your customer feedback will help you improve your weaknesses and satisfy more people. Sometimes, understanding other digital tools relevant to your purposes might help you find the best way to carry out your online business.

And, of course, we’re here to help. Before choosing this challenging and awesome path, we recommend you to read our step by step guide on How To Become an Online Entrepreneur. We wish you success!


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