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If you have been in two minds about whether to go remote or not, you need to read this. “Director of Remote Work” is the new designation doing the rounds. Now you know where the remote work model is headed. Towards permanence.

We’re not the ones saying this. The trend started with some of the most notable tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, Quora and GitLab. These companies are looking for senior executives with ample experience and a background in law, consulting, finance and land acquisition.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other companies going for a director of remote work without formally announcing it.

What will the Director of Remote Work do?

Since the position is very new, it is not easy to understand all that a director of remote work will do just by looking at the designation.

Here are some tasks the role entails:

  • Figuring out ways to downsize office space.
  • Understanding all tax related information related to hiring remote workers from across the country or globe.
  • Working closely with the IT department to make sure that the remote employees have all the necessary tools they need to be able to work from home.
  • Bridge communication gaps between teams within the organization.

This is only the outline of the role as of now. It will evolve as people take on these roles and start working within the companies.

“We’ve always been viewed as a support function. I think the pandemic has given HR professionals increased job security. They have a more strategic role in how this is going to play out.”Becky Lauseng, the Human Resources Director at the Minneapolis-based farm management software company, Conservis

According to many companies and professionals, the Director of Remote Work can be the perfect bridge that can help businesses transition from traditional setups to remote or hybrid work models.

Even though on the surface it looks like any other HR role, it is not. It is a role that requires someone to think from a “transition” perspective. The world’s work style is not the same anymore and for things to change at a macro level, the strategy of the small details needs a leader with a vision.

“We need to apply some different practices to the remote world. It’s an organizational transformation. One good first step is to find or designate someone to be head of remote.”Raj Choudhury, Harvard Business School professor working on research related to the future of work

Will this Trend be Successful?

Just like everything is always uncertain, we can’t predict if the Director of Remote Work is here to stay. Will HR professional continue with the role? Will the Head of Remote Work exist as a separate designation within the HR department? We will only know with time.

As of now, we can only sit back and watch how the new roles shape up and how the people who take on the role impact their workplace and culture!

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