Harley Davidson’s CEO Remains Committed to Remote Work 

Harley Davidson

Since the pandemic, the motorcycle manufacturer shut down its headquarters and hasn´t fully opened them. Jochen Zeitz, Harley Davidson´s CEO, remains committed to remote work and plans to repurpose the headquarters for different use. 

The debate about remote work continues thriving in the leading industries. Tech, in particular, has had leaders like Elon Musk forcing employees to return to the office. Finances and Wall Street leaders in the same line were among the first ones to tell employees it was time to return to the offices. However, for some, remote work is still on their agenda. 

Harley Davidson & Its Remote Work Policy

The 119-year-old company lets employees (depending on the area) work from home. According to Harley Davidson´s CEO, Jochen Zeitz, the combination of the pandemic and fatherhood convinced him that the flexibility of virtual meetings was better than less inclusive office spaces. 

During an Interview, Zeitz mentioned that: 

“Having the ability to just push a button wherever that person sits, get that person online, or create a meeting is not defined by which floor you sit on and who’s in the corner office. It democratizes how we work together and allows you to bring the best talent into the company, no matter where they sit.”

Additionally, the company is also tolerant of nomadic employees. According to Zeitz, these flexible policies have allowed the company to recruit from places such as Tesla and Rivian Automotive. 

For him, measuring employees is about their engagement and what they deliver, not by counting the hours they sit in front of a screen. 


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