New Grant For Military Spouses Working Remotely

military spouses working remotely

The Military Officers of America Association (MOAA) opened the Military Spouse Remote Telework Grant program applications. As a result, the initiative targets military spouses working remotely. 

After the pandemic, worldwide employees had to adjust their working schedule to follow COVID restrictions. However, people also had to arrange a new schedule to take care of kids and work from home with partners and family.

The grant for military spouses working remotely is open for individual female remote entrepreneurs and their teams. As a result, the MOAA Foundation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program offer: 

  • Surface Pro laptop
  • Extra monitor
  • Tech equipment (mouse, keyboard, docking station) 
  • Remote work templates 
  • Antivirus protection 

Once they receive the grant, the military spouse and their teams must provide quarterly updates for a year. After that, employees can keep their goods if the arrangement works after 12 months. 

Initially, MOAA launched the military spouse and family programs director in 2019. At the time, the aim was to support small businesses and retain military spouses as employees. After the COVID outbreak, MOAA repurposed the call for military spouses without a recent PCS requirement.

This isn’t the first initiative targeting military spouses working remotely. And as hybrid models spread, more initiatives, grants, and opportunities will arise for remote entrepreneurs. 


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