Google Won the ‘Best Global Company Culture 2021’ Award


According to Comparably’s new ranking, Google won first place among the global companies with the best cultures.  

Career site Comparably published this year’s Best Global Company Culture Awards. The ranking is formed the top 50 highest-rated workplace cultures of companies with more than 500 employees (within and outside the U.S.).

Comparably’s Best Global Company Culture Awards

Comparably Awards are determined from the answers provided by anonymous employees that rate their employees during 12 months. In this case, from March 22 of 2020 through March 22, 2021.

Employees answer questions divided into almost 20 categories, including from compensation and leadership questions to work opportunities, work-life balance, and benefits of working in the company. The questions have different formats such as yes-no, true-false, multiple-choice, etc.

What Are the Top Companies with the Best Culture? 

According to the rankings, these are the top 50 companies to work for:

Source: Comparably

Google: Best Company Culture 

The Comparably awards show an in-depth analysis of the employee’s opinion about working in Google, from the compensation to the benefits the company provides. Approximately 3,534 employees participated in the questions, and these are some of their main insights about the tech giant:

  • Total average punctuation: 4.7/5
  •  85% of Google employees think their work environment is positive.
  • Daily they usually have 4 meetings.
  • Google employees have weekly feedback meetings with their managers.
  • They take from 20-30 paid vacation or sick days.

Some of the main perks and benefits, according to employees, that Google offers are: 

  • Office: Free food, pet-friendly, company social outings, unique office space.
  • Health: Dental insurance, vision insurance, health insurance, life insurance, gym membership.
  • Financial: 401K/Retirement plan, performance bonus, employee stock purchase plan
  • Paid Time Off: Vacation policy, paid holidays, maternity, and paternity leave.

What employees have to say about Google according to Comparably:

Enlightening. I’ve learned so much and grown in all directions: productivity, management, financial literacy, diversity, inclusion, industry, and culture. Google cares about its employees and I’ve felt supported. Just as important, they truly cares about their users.

As we’ve grown there have been concerns about transparency and loss of “culture”, but it’s precisely the open dialogues we have with leadership about these issues that exhibit the company’s sustained culture.

Great culture to motivate each employee to contribute to the overall success of the company and the personal success of the people.


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