Google Settle Anti-trust Allegations 

Google anti-trust allegations

According to the last updates, Google offered $90 million to settle anti-trust allegations. The company the federal anti-trust laws with their Play store policies. And now Google will pay out small app developers after a class-action lawsuit.

Debates around Google don’t relate only to remote work and return to offices. The suit against the global company claimed that the company policies forced developers to use its Google Play billing system. This paying method costs 30% of the default charge on each transaction. After the first lawsuit in July 2021, Google cut a 50% fee for the first $1 million earned through any app.

However, anti-trust allegations claims didn’t stop. According to the law firm representing developers, Hagens Berman, almost 48,000 US small app developers will be eligible to claim a refund. From the $90 million funds, the payment can go from $250 to $200,000.

The law firm claims in the press statement: “Today, nearly 48,000 hardworking app developers are receiving the just payment they deserve for their work product. Something Google sought to profit from, hand over fist. With this settlement, developers will have more room to grow and more money in their pockets to promote their hard efforts.”

Furthermore, Google is offering small concessions to developers to settle anti-trust allegations. The new Indie Apps Corner will showcase small developers. And clarify the Developer Distribution Agreement. 

So, US politicians are considering the Open App Markets Act. In short, the bill will force Apple and Google to allow users to sideload apps or download the app using their stores. In the same vein, the EU Digital Markets Act aims to make sideloading mandatory. And approval is expected in 2023.


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