Smart Travel WiFi Product: New Line Out!

Smart Travel WiFi Products

Go Connect officially announced its new line of Smart Travel WiFi products. Customers will be able to travel and work without data plans or endless technologies.

In the era of hybrid and remote models, people seek tools and apps to work and travel. So, Go Connect takes over the challenge. The company launched its new line of Smart Travel WiFi products. Unlike other companies selling cellular data, the new products allow bringing WiFI in moving in different locations. 

The company is targeting cellular hotspot and travel router users. After over two years of the pandemic, working habits are different, and people want tools to support their flexibility and mobility. 

Why Smart Travel WiFi Products Are Perfect For Digital Nomads 

WiFi Anywhere, Anytime  

Portable Internet is necessary for everyone working on a laptop. However, working from a cafe or a hotel, the connection is often unstable and inconsistent. In short, Go Connect’s Smart Travel WiFi products allow leveraging available WiFi for higher speeds and less costly data consumption. In addition, LTE as a backup ensures a stable and secure connection. 


Unlike competitors, Go Connect’s products are easy to use. The company aims to improve connectivity for workers and travelers alike. As a result, you don’t need technical knowledge to use it. Users can also share their Go Connect internet connection with a QR Code or text messages for Apple and Android devices.


For remote workers and digital nomads, a secure connection is crucial. Unlike public or semi-private WiFi networks, Go Connect’s products come with security features. The Smart Security system provides a solid VPN, protecting your data while working. 


Finally, Go Connect offers no-contract data plans limiting cost and coverage issues with cellular plans. Multiple Tier 1 cellular carrier Go Connect’s data network, with primary coverage in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Users can also add international carries. 

Go Connect’s Smart Travel WiFi products are now available on the Go Connect website.

Image source: Go Connect website


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