GN On The Final Stages of Releasing Remote Work Policy

Remote work policy
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

The Department of Human Resources in Nunavut is nearing completion of a draught policy on remote working for Government of Nunavut employees.

Adam Lightstone stated in the legislative assembly on Wednesday that a comprehensive policy might be delivered “within the coming months.”

“[The pandemic] has shown that the Government of Nunavut is capable of allowing for and accommodating employees who wish to work remotely.”Adam Lightstone, Nunavut MLA

Lightstone made the remark in response to a query on Inuit employment from Tununiq MLA Karen Nutarak, but he did not elaborate on what the programme may involve.

As the pandemic forced government employees to return home in March 2020, many GN personnel preferred to work from the south, according to Nutarak.

“It was not fair for other staff, for the essential staff who had to work, [who] were not able to travel due to restrictions.”Karen Nutarak, Tununiq MLA

Nutarak wants to see a regulation forcing government employees who work from home to stay in their areas.

She claims that such a regulation will deter southerners from applying for government posts in communities, freeing up positions for Inuits.

“We need to make every effort to increase the number of Inuit who are employed in our communities.”Karen Nutarak, Tununiq MLA

According to a report released that year, the Nunavut government wants to increase its Inuit workforce to 58 percent by next year, up from 50 percent in 2020.

According to the report, the long-term goal is to have an Inuit workforce that equals the 85 percent Inuit population in Nunavut.

Nutarak also brought up the fact that the government’s Inuit priority strategy was up for review last summer, and she asked Lightstone if the department intends to make any adjustments.

According to Lightstone, the Inuit priority employment programme is working well, and the department has no plans to change it.

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