GM Tells Corporate Employees to Return to the Office 


General Motors Co. asked its employees to return to the office at least part-time. Employees who worked remotely during the pandemic are now expected to shift to a regular in-person work cycle. They are expected to work three days on GM´s campus each week.  

Last year, GM announced its “Work Appropriately” plan enabled employees to continue working remotely. Most white-collar employees could permanently work from home or in a hybrid schedule. Only factory workers were expected to return. 

GM Expects Corporate Employees to Return at Least 3 Times A Week

GM highlighted that while they expect employees to return to campus at least 3 times per week, they are still committed provide employees with enough flexibility. A spokesperson said they will be sharing details about the transition soon. 

With this news, GM joins the list of corporations asking employees to return to the office, such as Apple, Peloton, and Ford Motor Co, among others.  


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