Freedom Business Summit: Remote Management and Location Independence! 


Today was the last day of the 4th annual online global conference that brought together remote entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and remote professionals. From investments to remote management, FBS had powerful sessions where experts shared their knowledge and the strategies that have helped them succeed. 

Here are some of the key moments in case you missed it. And if you want to get access to the recordings, click here! 

Sharon Koifman – Building and Managing Remote Teams Successfully

Sharon Koifman is the CEO and Founder of DistantJob, a leading recruitment agency, and ThinkRemote´s chairman. 

He has been leading remote teams for nearly two decades, and during his session at FBS, he gave powerful insights into what managing remote teams truly means. He talked about why building culture matters, how connection plays a key role, and how to make your team more productive and outperform.

“Working remotely is more productive because you are more in control of your distractions. But are you really? Learning how to deal with distractions is fundamental by applying simple methods like breaking down your tasks and tackling the hardest one first thing in the morning.”


  • Culture means connection
  • Know your employees on a personal level
  • Reduce meetings as much as possible

Panel Discussion – Second Residency, Visas, and Relocation

This powerful panel discussion was led by Tarek Kholoussy, who talked about what being a digital nomad truly means with Nienke Nina Keizer, Kristin Vierra, and Beca Marsh. Here are some of the takeaways from the conversation:

“I think it’s important to show gratitude. As digital nomads, we also need to give back to the countries that welcome us.” – Kristin Vierra

“The ability to move is great. You´re not stuck in one place, and that is the power of this.” – Nienke Nina Keizer

“For me, a lot about this is regarding exchange. Not only financially but also in terms of advice and knowledge. And also it comes down to supporting local businesses in the places you visit.” – Beca Marsh

Other great discussions and sessions took place during the summit, where participants got engaged by asking questions and exchanging ideas! 


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