French Workers Back To The Office From June 9th

France return to the office

France workers will return to the office on June 9th. Today, the government officially ends its advisory on 100% remote work policy as a part of the reopening plan post-pandemic.

Since last October, remote work is mandatory for all workers able to work from home. As the vaccination campaign moves forward and the contagious disease slows down, the government is applying its reopening plan. 

June 9th is the third step of France’s reopening plan. If the health situation remains stable, bars, restaurants, and cafés will open their indoor spaces, and traveling outside the country and in the US will be allowed. 

Next week, the government will release a new health protocol to end the guideline imposing 100% remote work models from the same date. As labor minister Élisabeth Borne states: ‘we are giving the power back to employers and workers to determine the appropriate number of days, but this does not mean abandoning remote working.’ 

France’s Plan To Return To The Office

As much as French people are happy to start their lives again, remote work experience left its traces. According to a survey OpinionWay, 8 out of 10 French workers want to work remotely between one and three days per week.

From June 9th, the public sector will transition to three days at home and two days in the office. The private sector can decide the number of office days with an agreement between businesses, workers and trade unions.

As Borne highlights and specifies: ‘An employer who forces staff to return to the office every day from June 9th will be in violation of the protocol.’ 

However, returning to the office still implies strict safety measures, including physical distancing and ventilation rules. Wearing masks will remain mandatory at least until the end of summer. In addition, office canteens are limited to 50 % capacity and must keep a one-meter distance between seats.

As post-pandemic plans start to take form, remote work models will support safety measures in the following months.


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