Flatiron School Announces New Hybrid Model For Students

Flatiron School Hybrid Model For Students

One of the oldest coding boot camps, Flatiron School, announces a new hybrid model for students. The coding school is redesigning its courses considering how companies are increasing remote work policy and flexible hybrid models. 

Founded in 2012, the coworking space company WeWork acquired New York’s Flatiron School in 2017. The program includes courses in software development, data science, product design, and analytics. The institution’s goal is to place students in jobs after graduation or help employees progress in their careers. 

The 2020 pandemic highly impacted the job market. Mirroring hybrid policies of tech companies like Salesforce and Google, the school is offering a new online format across the U.S. Flatiron is based in 11 locations to limit overlaps between professors at its different campuses or in the same office hours.

New Hybrid Model For Students

While most colleges are planning hybrid models for the staff rather than students, Flatiron announces a flexible program for everyone. Flatiron School is redesigning a hybrid model waiting to return to campus in early July. Meanwhile, students can choose between “Live” and “Flex” schedules. The “Live” program is a 12-15-week course in a traditional format. The “Flex” format is longer, but students are allowed to set their schedules. In both cases, live or recorded lectures are available.

“One day when you’re at work, you’re going to be on a conference call, or in a meeting, where there are six people sitting in the conference room, and there’s seven people dialed in on Zoom, and that’s just the way it’s going to be moving forward,” as the CEO Adam Enbar states. “And we’re going have to learn how to manage that and how to participate and how to be the person on Zoom.”

The pandemic highlighted the benefits of hybrid models. Recording lectures, students can attend classes regardless of location and working hours. While some people are slowly returning to offices and campuses, hybrid models will stay post-pandemic. 


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