First Libyan Co-working with Childcare

Libyan Co-working Childcare

The French embassy, Janzour Municipality, and Expertise France launch the first Libyan co-working with childcare. 

Last Monday, the organizations celebrated the official opening. Manara Coworking Space is in the heart of Janzour district, on Tripoli’s west side. As with remote work childcare is one main priority, the space wants to offer a solution for different working parents. The goal is to support women’s empowerment and inclusion. And to focus on helping women grow their entrepreneurial and professional skills with one on-site nursery. 

As Libya French Ambassador, Mostafa Mihraje, said the first Libyan co-working with childcare: “The collaboration between the French government and Janzour municipality started with the creation of the “Janzour Coding Academy”. The objective was to improve the youth digital literacy. Since the first days, lots of efforts were made to include as many women as possible in Raqam-e project activities. Today it’s a step forward and an important achievement having this co-working space for them exclusively. France is very proud to participate in maximizing women’s economic potential in Libyan society”.

The Libyan co-working with childcare represents a growing trend. Manara will provide a nursery for children between 0 to 3 years old. And give space to women to grow their businesses. Finally, the co-working will organize events to enhance networking and new collaborations. 

In collaboration with the municipality, the co-working with childcare represents a step for the worm in the community and their families. 


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