The Future of Legal Work: The Rise of Remote Paralegal Jobs and Where to Find Them

remote paralegal jobs

Are you looking for a job in the legal industry that allows you to work remotely? If so, then remote paralegal jobs could be the perfect solution for you. A remote paralegal job has many benefits, including flexibility and freedom. In this article, we’ll discuss what a remote paralegal job is and how to find one. We’ll also provide resources to get started on your search for the perfect remote paralegal job.

If you’re interested in virtual paralegal jobs, in this article, we will tell you how to get started and where to find great roles.

What Is A Paralegal?

Sometimes also called Legal Assistants, paralegals carry out work that needs a knowledge of the law, but not full knowledge and don’t require a license to practice. This includes tasks like:

  • Prepare legal documents
  • Research
  • Interviewing clients and witnesses
  • Going to court

The areas that a paralegal cannot become involved in are:

  • Establishing the attorney-client relationship
  • Giving legal advice
  • Signing legal papers and pleadings on behalf of a party
  • Appearing in court on behalf of another (i.e., the client)
  • Setting and collecting fees for legal services

Working as a paralegal can be a challenging and varied role, and it is a great option for people who want to work in law but who don’t want to take on the bar exam.

Different Types of Paralegals

Not all paralegal roles are equal. While some roles are looking for a general paralegal, others are looking for individuals with experience in particular fields. These specialist paralegal roles pay better in recognition of the additional skills and expertise you will bring to the table. Specialist paralegal roles include:

  • International Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Family Law
  • Litigation
  • Estate and Planning
  • Corporate
  • Medical
  • Government

There are as many different specialisms for paralegals as there are specialist law firms.

Companies Offering Remote Paralegal Jobs

To give you an idea of some of the roles available, here are some of the best virtual paralegal companies and their current vacancies.

1. Bungie

The entertainment company behind hits such as Halo and Myth, Bungie, has its HQ in Bellevue, WA, but hires remote paralegals. They are currently looking for an Intellectual Property paralegal to support them, and the role is fully remote.

2. Ritsema Law

Ritsema is a multi-state workers’ compensation law firm that supports clients in Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona. They are currently looking for an experienced paralegal to join their team on a fully remote basis.

3. State Farm

A fortune 50 company, State Farm, are looking for a civil litigation paralegal with a few years of experience under their belt to join the team. You will need to live in California, but you can work fully remotely if you’re in Fresno county.

4. Weber School District

The Weber School District is in Utah and covers all of Weber County except the city of Ogden. They are looking for a paralegal to support them with updating policies and responding to record requests. Initially, a 20-week contract there is the potential for renewal.

5. We the People

This company supports its clients by preparing their legal documents for them. They are currently looking for freelance paralegals to join their team and work behind the scenes on legal documents, including probate, divorce, civil action, business formation, and more.

6. Podium

Podium is dedicated to helping local businesses succeed. Businesses can simplify communication with their customers using Podium – from collecting payments to facilitating online reviews to launching marketing campaigns. They are constantly hiring for fully remote paralegal positions.  

7. The Trade Desk

Trade Desk is revolutionizing how international brands and agencies reach global audiences. Through a media buying platform, they help brands deliver more insightful and relevant ad experiences – and set new standards for global reach, accuracy, and transparency. The company are currently advertising a senior paralegal role.

8. TrueAccord

Founded in 2008, TrueAccord is one of TrueML’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. To transform debt resolution and get people on the path to financial health, they combine machine learning and human interaction. They also have an opening for a Paralegal II to work from home.


What is the highest-paying paralegal job?

According to Online Paralegal Degrees, the highest paying role is a Paralegal Manager, who supervises the work of other paralegals and takes home over $100k a year.

What type of paralegal is most in demand?

MTI College in Sacramento has come up with a list of the 11 most in-demand types of paralegal, and at the top is Corporate.

What state has the highest demand for paralegals?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this ranking by Zippia sees the District of Columbia coming out on top for demand for paralegals.

What area of law pays the most for paralegals?

Coming in at number three on the list by Online Paralegal Degrees, an Intellectual Property Paralegal is the highest-paying role.

Variety in Remote Paralegal Jobs

We hope that this list shows you what a variety there is in the roles available for a paralegal, whether you work as a virtual paralegal for a company or join the army of paralegals for hire on a freelance basis. This is a great career option, letting you earn a good wage and do interesting work and all from home!


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