New Co-working for Startups and Small Entrepreneurs

startups and small entrepreneurs

Cobours_ The Factory co-working space opens for startups and small entrepreneurs.

The Factory is in the heart of the Business & Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland (555 Courthouse Road). And now, the Factory reopens its doors for startups and small entrepreneurs.

Supported by different local community partners, the Factory aims to create a collaborative workplace for innovative business ideas. As a result, the co-working is designed for remote professionals living in the area. And it offers an equipped environment to stay focussed and meet new professionals.

For the reopening, the space offers to startups and small entrepreneurs:

  • Reliable Internet connection and tech equipment
  • Individual desk space
  • Shared table working space
  • Computer monitors
  • Meeting space for four to six people
  • Conference rooms up to 30 people
  • Presentation display monitors
  • Printing access
  • Coffee bar
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Private lockers
  • Networking events

The co-working aims to support businesses’ growth, and applications are open for:

  • Startups and small business owners/co-owners or entrepreneurs.
  • Business based in Northumberland County.
  • Companies without a fixed office space.
  • Need a space for client meetings.

Because of the nature of the co-working non-profit organizations or self-interest groups are eligible. The idea is to create a vibrant hub for remote professionals to grow and share their ideas.

After the pandemic, these types of initiatives are still one of the best options to support startups and small entrepreneurs.

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