Expats Surveyed About Remote Work

Expats and remote work
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

According to a research by Aetna International, expats are okay with continuation of remote work.

According to the research, only 11% of expats thought that remote working makes them feel disconnected disconnected in a host country.

Over 54% of expats who were surveyed had moved to their home country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ones who moved back to their hometowns had healthcare as a key factor. 70% of expats stated that access to healthcare was the primary reason for them to think about moving during the pandemic

33% of the expats surveyed continued to stay in their host country and said that they had no problems or concerns about continuation of their stay in another country.

“Returning to some sort of ‘normality’ is what everyone is hoping for but feeling safe with access to quality health care is paramount to this becoming a reality. Clear, informative communications are key to helping expat communities continue in their desire to live and work abroad. Authorities and employers need to provide reassurances that the health and well-being interests of expats and their families are being looked after. This will hopefully start to encourage existing and wannabe expats to resume their plans when the time is right, and it is safe to do so.” Damian Lenihan, Executive Director (Europe) at Aetna International

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