EU: New Opportunities for Long-stay Travelers 

opportunities long-stay travelers

The EU opens new opportunities for long-stay travelers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The European Union quickly joined the global digital nomads’ trend. The goal of providing different visa schemes is to lure remote workers and travelers to underrated destinations. So, new opportunities are coming up in the Balkans.

The initiative will select five digital nomads. The first requires a remote job that doesn’t demand on-site hours. After that, selected participants must have three to five social media accounts and be available for travel. 

Promoting new opportunities for long-stay travelers, the EU will provide everything: 

  • Travel 
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Covering local costs 

The Balkans offers several activities, from ziplining, to kayaking, to mountaineering. Participants can enjoy the local countryside while promoting a better work-life balance. Indeed, selected digital nomads will have to share their experience with at least three updates on their Social Media accounts. For example, one of the posts must be a blog post including a minimum of 12 high-quality photos.

So, these new opportunities for long-stay travelers and digital nomads represent another trend to boost local economies and discover new places. 


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