Ericsson Will Allow Half of Its 102,000 Employees to Work From Home


Ericsson, one of Sweden’s largest employers, is redesigning its office space in its 400 offices. The company will allow half of its 102,000 employees to work from home. Currently, despite most employees being vaccinated, 85% of the workforce continues working remotely. And after several internal surveys, the company’s directives decided to offer the staff remote work opportunities.

Ericsson’s Head of Managed Services at Ericsson, Peter Laurin, mentioned during an interview:

It became very clear during the spring of 2020 that we are never going back to the old way of working. It should be ok to work from home. Over the long run, we are aiming for a hybrid model, a vision of fifty-fifty between the office and remote working.

Sweden still has regulations due to the pandemic; however, when all restrictions are lifted, Ericsson employees whose presence isn’t critical in the office will have the opportunity to decide how they will work with their managers. Whether this means fully working from home, in the office, or remotely. According to Laurin:

It’s up to each manager to coordinate with their employees – how do you become the most productive. How do you get the most collaboration and output while having high employee satisfaction.

The decision to implement a hybrid workplace is still an experiment and a starting point. The company is planning to redesign its 400 global offices in the course of the next 5 years.


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