The End of Remote Work in Montana? Employees Have Started Returning to the Office

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According to state officials, Montana state employees who have been working remotely will start returning to the office in two weeks. State agencies have announced that on June 14, half of their employees will start returning to their assigned worksites. Managers are arranging with their employees which ones will return during this first stage.  

Most state employees have been working from home for almost a year and a half. During the first months of quarantine, everyone needed to stay at home to prevent the spread of covid-19. But now that vaccination campaigns have been successful, and the contagion rate has decreased, employees can start returning safely to work. 

Montana State Employees Are Returning to the Office

The Department of Administration sent a memo that stated that by June 14, at least half of state employees would have to return to their offices. Those employees who have already been vaccinated won’t be required to use face masks, although this depends on their role. For example, employees who work in prisons, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, and other facilities that are open 24 hours a day are required to use face masks, also to those who have constant contact with citizens.

The memo also says that employees can use any COVID-19 pay leave if they have situations or problems to take care of before returning to the office. Situations such as child-care issues, illness, or any other type of delicate matter. 

Throughout all stages of returning to state worksites, agency managers and employees should cooperatively address individual situations.

Currently, there will be no remote work policies or arrangements. The idea of the cabinet agencies is to create a space that’s designed to maximize productivity and efficiency. 


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