Employees are Willing to Take a Pay Cut for Remote Work

Pay cut remote work
Photo by Amel Majanovic on Unsplash

People now prefer working from home so much that many are ready to overlook pay cuts in exchange for the ability to avoid the workplace.

According to a recent survey by the staffing agency Robert Half, which asked thousands of American workers and hiring managers about their opinions on remote work, this is the case. According to Paul McDonald, a senior executive director at Robert Half, some employees claimed they would be ready to accept a wage loss, with an average reduction of 18%, in order to continue working entirely remotely.

Overall, around one-third of employees who visit the office at least once a week indicated they would be prepared to accept a lower salary in exchange for the ability to work from home.

More than 2,500 American workers and 2,100 recruiting managers were surveyed by Robert Half in November. Although occasionally needing to put in longer hours, it was shown that almost three-quarters of employees indicated they are happier and more productive while working from home.

McDonald asserted that despite companies’ reservations, remote employment won’t be disappearing anytime soon and that 28% of positions advertised online in January were remote. That’s because some businesses aren’t hurrying employees back to the office out of concern that they’ll quit for a more flexible workplace.

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