Emari Coworking Welcomes New Entrepreneurs

emari coworking new entrepreneurs

Tolosa_ The Emari Coworking Space welcomes new entrepreneurs. 

In the hearth of Tolosa, the new coworking will be in the Oriyaburu. The goal is to offer a free space to grow professionally surrounded by like-minded people. 

At the moment, since people are sharing the workplace. More entrepreneurs will come, creating a vibrant environment to network and learn new skills.

The coworking is open 24 hours a day. And members can access the space each day of the week. Finally, monthly membership only costs 50€/month per person. The Emari coworking design is modern to promote innovation and shared knowledge. 

In addition to individual desks, the coworking for new entrepreneurs provides:

  • Free wi-fi
  • Kitchen 
  • Tech equipment 
  • Printers
  • Meeting rooms 
  • Training and masterclasses 
  • Advertisment 

The new coworking for entrepreneurs aims to bring professionals together to grow remote businesses. Entering in a growing trend, this Spanish initiative offers an opportunity to move into a great place while growing digital businesses. 

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