Best Forums for Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

forums for digital nomad entrepreneurs

When you’re living the digital nomad lifestyle, there are lots of amazing benefits. You get to travel, work from stunning locations around the world, and meet all sorts of different people. Whether you choose to hole yourself away in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere or work from the beach in a popular holiday location, there are lots of new things to experience. But, among all these unique experiences, how can you achieve the things you need to, like networking, finding new projects, or just connecting with like-minded people? Here are some Digital Nomad Forums that might help!

1. Campfire

This forum is run by Fairytrail, a data app for digital nomads, so as you might expect, it has a focus on social meetups. With almost 7,000 members, there are plenty of people you can talk to when you’re in the mood for a campfire chat but nowhere near an actual campfire. Fairytrail is the forum for you if you want to meet people for socialising, or maybe even make a love connection.

2. Digital Nomads World

This Digital Nomads Forum claims to be the fastest-growing – and with good reason. The site is packed full of useful information, including jobs, training, tips, courses, and of course, community. Joining the forum also gives you access to member benefits, including hotels, gyms, and co-working spaces. It is an investment, but with plenty of benefits, this portal will connect you to opportunities for work and improvement wherever you are.

3. Dynamite Circle

Dynamite circle

One of the digital nomad business forums, Dynamite Circle, offers meetups, events, mastermind groups that connect you with others with complementary skills and experience, and a business forum. It isn’t cheap, coming in at $500 a year, but you do get access to a discount scheme to offset that. You have to apply to join but with the potential for meeting other like-minded Digital Nomads and bringing in new work, it might just be worth it.

4. Eatwith

If you’ve just arrived in a new place and want to head out for a meal, how do you connect with someone in the area? That’s the question that Eatwith answers, making it one of the most sociable forums for digital nomads. Whether it’s a popup meal in someone’s home or a tasting experience at a local restaurant, this forum has you covered when you’re feeling the need for a little company.

5. Female Digital Nomads

Female digital nomads

This is a free community of over 74,000 women working their way around the world. This is the group for those of you who identify as female and are looking to share experiences, opportunities, hints, and tips with others who are exploring the globe and earning a crust at the same time. Come together for female solidarity to network and make friends.

6. Global Digitial Nomad Network

Nomadbase live

Based on Facebook, this network has over 60,000 members. It’s a private group, so you’ll have to join before you can see what they offer, but they promise discussion around locations, collaborations, marketing hacks, and travel experiences. Online networking with a wide variety of different people supports you in building your support team.

7. Nomad List

Nomad List

If you’re looking for your next location, then Nomad List can help. Right from the landing page, you are given glorious photos of locations complete with data compiled from other digital nomads to give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of cost, fun, safety, and of course, the all-important internet access. It’s a great site for deciding where you are going to move on once you are ready to leave your current location. This nomad forum also shares lists of meetups where you can network or just have fun with other people living the same lifestyle.

8. Nomad Projects

Hi Nomads

Looking for a side project to keep you busy? Or do you have an idea, and you need other people to collaborate with? Then Nomad Projects is the forum for you. Its sole purpose is to connect remote workers around the world so they can collaborate and make amazing things happen.

9. r/DigitalNomad

r/Digital Nomad

No blog about forums is complete without mentioning the ‘front page of the internet’ or Reddit.  This subreddit is home to 1.6 million Redditors, who share their knowledge and experience with others using flairs like ‘Trip Report’, ‘Gear’, Itinerary’, ‘Legal’, and for the more sociable among you, ‘Meetup’. Text-based messaging keeps its low bandwidth and allows you to connect easily even on mobile data. 

10. Successful Digital Nomads

Successful digital nomads

Another Facebook community, this one was formerly known as the Wandering Community. Just under 2,000 members use this group which is aimed at Digital Nomads or those who aspire to be them. Join the group to share experiences and network with other-like-minded people.

What Next? 

If you think the nomad lifestyle could be for you, head to your platform of choice and search for the best digital nomad forum, you can find! Do your research, grab your tools, make sure it’s definitely something you can do, and get going! 


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