ECB Will Allow Employees to Work Remotely Until January

Euro sign. European Central Bank headquarters

The European Central Bank (ECB) will allow employees to work remotely until January 2022 because of the Delta variant. 

The fourth wave of COVID-19, the Delta variant, continues threatening the possibility of going back to the office. And for most companies, the safest option is to continue with remote work. 

ECB Will Return to the Office in 2022

Major institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have delayed returning to the office. While many employees in London are returning to the office, some banks and other corporations are backing up. They are providing flexible staff arrangements that go according to their demands for a better work-life balance.

Now that the Delta variant is in the picture, many corporations will allow remote work until January.

According to Bloomberg, an ECB spokesman said that the decision to allow employees to continue working remotely was made ‘’in light of the evolution of the current pandemic situation.’’ 

In an interview with Christine Legarde, ECB president said that the broader economy is heading towards:

A hybrid movement, where part of the week will be spent in the office so that people can meet, see each other, and hold regular meetings and have face-to-face contact. The rest will be working from home. 

For many, returning to the office was going to be possible within these months because of the increase in the vaccination rates. However, the delta variant continues to delay the return for most cases.


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