Disney Corporate Employees Not Ready to Go Back to Office

Disney back to office
Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash

Walt Disney Co. employees are protesting a rule that would force them to spend four days a week in the workplace starting in March.

The Washington Post, which obtained the memo, said that employees had signed a petition asking CEO Bob Iger to reconsider the new rule. Almost 2,300 employees are said to have signed it in opposition to one of the tightest attendance requirements in the post-pandemic business sector.

Employees at Disney claim in the petition that the move might “have unintended consequences that cause long-term harm to the company.” The 200,000 workers of Disney today work a hybrid schedule that necessitates spending two to three days each week in the workplace.

The policy was reportedly revealed in January after Iger said that working in-person at the office would be advantageous to both the business and the employees. Employees, however, detailed how they were “forced out” by the move.

Parents, employees who identified as neurodivergent, and those with physical disabilities all provided examples of why they valued flexibility at Disney.

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