Rising Digital Snowmads Trend

digital snowmads

As the winter comes, digital nomads start to work on the mountain, launching a new trend: ‘digital snowmads.’ 

Digital nomads can work everywhere in the world. Especially after the spread of visa schemes, most people started to slow travel while working remotely. Now that time for beaches is at the end. And digital nomads are moving to ski resorts to work – at least those who can afford it. 

Working in the mountains allows a better work-life balance and daily schedule. Nomads can work in different resorts and out in the snow of skiing during the day. Several winter locations are implementing their facilities to provide high-speed wifi and shared work spots.

Furthermore, slow travelers can better deal with accommodations or exchange their skills for less expensive ski resorts. For example, ski resorts for digital nomads like Swiss Escape (Swiss) are more affordable than others. And members can meet other like-minded people. So, digital snowmads start to be a growing trend.  

Another budget-friendly location is Bansko. The location is popular among digital nomads because the summer festival creates a dynamic local vibe. 

There are several winter locations for digital nomads worldwide. And ‘digital snowmads’ is a growing trend for the upcoming years. 


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