Unique Tiny Cabins For Remote Workers Surrounded by Mountains

Big Bear California

Charlie Hammond, an investor and entrepreneur from London, founded Find Sanctuary, which consists of a collection of 40 tiny rentable cabins located in Big Bear, California. Remote workers can experience a unique experience reducing stress and recharging by having a workspace surrounded by peace and nature. 

With the increase in companies offering remote work arrangements, remote workers have a wide set of options to choose how and where to work from. Some enjoy working from home, others seek coworking spaces, and others embrace the workation lifestyle

Remote Work Experience in The Middle of Mountains

Charlie Hammond, Find Sanctuary’s creator, shared how the constant stress and anxiety led him to seek a different lifestyle. He decided to move from London to America and found Los Angeles the perfect spot due to its access to nature.  

Source: Business Insider

Positioned for mountain views, Find Sanctuary’s office cabins promise a restorative escape for anyone who’s burned out at their job. Inspired by his new activities, such as hiking and surfing, he decided to develop a remote work experience for those who feel burnout and need to recharge. This is how Find Sanctuary was born. 

Currently, the first cabin has been built and hosts guests on an invite-only basis as an experiment to see how it maximizes its stress-reducing benefits. 

According to an interview with Dwell, Hammond says the place is the perfect spot to reconnect with the present. 

“The site is perched in the mountains above a cloud cover, so it evokes a sense of awe. There are pine trees, rugged mountains, and birdsong at night—it’s a special place that draws you into the present.”

Find Sanctuary will launch in 2023 for individuals, and cabins will cost around $400 a night. With time, Hammond’s idea is to establish a “work from the woods” employee benefits program. 


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