A Digital Nomad Village in Croatia is Offering A Three-Week Workation


The Valley in Zadar, Croatia’s first digital nomad community, offers remote workers from Shropshire the opportunity to spend a three-week workstation in the village. 

Last year, Croatia started with a project to establish remote work communities throughout the country. The Valley in Zadar was the first digital nomad village that launched in late 2021. And now workers from the UK have fly out to Zadar alone, with their partners or family, for three weeks to work, explore, and meet other working nomads.

Croatia: A Welcoming Digital Nomad Destination 

Work Remotely Croatia (WRC) is an organization in Croatia looking to build more remote working communities in the country with the necessary infrastructure. 

Mario Mrksa, the project leader of Work Remotely Croatia, said they so far have welcomed digital nomads from approximately 23 to 56 years old, and we’re excited to welcome their next visitors from Shropshire in April.

He mentioned that:

“Our worktation is for anyone that wants to work remotely in a beautiful destination and connect with other remote workers of a similar mindset. People are not expected to do 100 things every day but rather take part in various activities before or after work and at the weekend.” 

Part of the workation program consists of different activities and community events. The idea is to bring the digital nomad community together. There are also well-being package prices and additional exploration events. 

The location also has diverse options of accommodation from studio apartments to three beds, swimming pools, gym, and spa facilities. 

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