7 Digital Nomad Myths: Expectation Vs Reality

digital nomad myth

Digital nomads are magicians. They have all kinds of magical powers to take their life from good to great. They’re millionaires trotting the globe with nothing to worry about. They eat, drink, and breathe freedom like nobody else. 

What else do magicians do? They trick people! Digital nomads don’t trick people, but our minds trick us into believing some digital nomad myths. Let’s bust these myths.

Caution: Proceed if you’d like to be a digital nomad and want to know the reality of this dream life.

Hint: The reality is good!

Digital Nomad Myths

  • Digital nomads are filthy rich
  • Digital nomads are lonely
  • Digital nomads work only a few hours a day
  • Digital nomads are on a vacation all year round
  • The digital nomad lifestyle is just a phase
  • Digital nomads aren’t productive
  • Digital nomads have an exciting life all the time

Digital Nomad Myth #1: Digital Nomads Are Filthy Rich

We already know there’s no shortcut to success. The route is equally long for a digital nomad. They don’t just decide to adopt a digital nomadic lifestyle and get to the millionaire status overnight. Just like any other kind of work or lifestyle you choose, whether you’ll be rich or not depends on the type of work you do and how you do it.

Your income and the road to the treasure trove also depends on how smart you are with your savings and insurance decisions. In fact, digital nomads have to deal with a lot more expenditure than someone who is stationed in one place. They have to shell out money more often for travel expenses, different kinds of accommodations, leisure activities, etc. Every new region or country they plan to live in comes with its own cost of living, which can be higher  than the previous one. Digital nomads move a lot, and constantly moving to new places means money constantly flying out of the bank too.

You can get filthy rich, but a digital nomadic lifestyle is no fast track ticket to owning a Mansion in LA and a yacht in the Bahamas.

Digital Nomad Myth #2: Digital Nomads Are Lonely

Digital nomads are anything but lonely. Many digital nomad communities host events across the globe to bring remote workers together. It’s quite exciting to be able to interact with like-minded people from different regions. It’s a great way to network and make new friends. When digital nomads are stationed in one region, they can find various local digital nomad communities, and there are many online groups where they can find friends with common interests.

This digital nomad myth is busted right here. You have no reason to think you’ll be a lonely digital nomad if you’re a part of the right forums and groups.

Digital Nomad Myth #3: Digital Nomads Work Only a Few Hours A Day

Digital nomads are always on the move, but that’s no reason to believe that they work fewer hours than a person who works in an office. This is a digital nomad myth that many believe to be true, but reality is far from it. Their remote jobs are like any other job, and they need to put in the same efforts and the number of hours each day. The only difference is that they work remotely and don’t have to commute to an office building every day.

They need the same discipline and a good work from home schedule and routine to grow in their careers. Like I said before, we all know there’s no shortcut to success. However, there are perks to being a digital nomad later in life. You’ll eventually work fewer hours, but this luxury comes to you only after you’ve worked very hard and proved yourself in your field of expertise. It’s a long route like any other, but the final rewards are much better!

Digital Nomad Myth #4: Digital Nomads Are On A Vacation All Year Round

This one is hilarious. If this was true, who is paying for this vacation? Did they win the lottery? They’re magicians. Their Instagram accounts are tricking you into believing that it’s a vacation from January through December. They’re in different places all the time, not because it’s a vacation but because that’s their lifestyle. 

Sure, their evening picture with the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop can make you envious, but you must know that their day looks like 8 hours of remote work and lots of coffee to stay up to finish work projects. Their weekdays look just like any other person’s, even if their backdrops don’t.

Digital Nomad Myth #5: The Digital Nomad Lifestyle is Just a Phase

No. Just no. This is one of those digital nomad myths that you’ll hear from those who don’t understand digital nomadism. And that’s why we’re busting this myth. This isn’t a sabbatical from your hectic life, nor is it a gap year after your graduation. This is a lifestyle choice. Digital nomads choose to spend their lives traveling from one place to another because they want to reap the benefits that come with it. They’re also aware of the challenges and equipped to combat them.

The digital nomad lifestyle is not an easy one to take. You’ll feel the bumps in the road at the start, but once you learn how to manage your life, work, and travel, you’re not getting back to confinement again. Try it!

Digital Nomad Myth #6: Digital Nomads Aren’t Productive 

This is a common myth because of the way the lifestyle is. Digital nomads travel  from one place to another quite often, and it’s easy to assume that they’re not focused on their work. This is untrue. While traveling is a big part of their lifestyle, there’s no way they can pay for these expenses if they aren’t productive at work. They need to be successful in their careers to be able to maintain this kind of lifestyle.

There will be distractions. The exquisite silhouette of the Alps from that window and the sound of Seychelles’ beaches are  enough to test your focus. For digital nomads to be able to maintain a disciplined work life, it is best to set to-do lists and work schedules to maintain their productivity.

Digital Nomad Myth #7: Digital Nomads Have An Exciting Life All The Time

Let’s go back to Instagram. It’s not just the breathtaking backdrops. It’s also the fun digital nomads are having in the picture. They’re always out for lunch at a new restaurant and dinners at swanky eateries. They’re bungee jumping on Monday and paragliding on Wednesday. Their life is pretty much a weekend. I’m busting this digital nomad myth right here. No, it’s not true.

Yes, they probably have more fun as they’re in new and stunning locales that offer many recreational activities. This doesn’t discount the fact that they have their own troubles to deal with. From currency exchange to the constantly changing cost of living, digital nomad insurance and medical emergencies on the go, managing budgets and creating travel plans, everything comes with its own stress levels. Add to this the professional pressure. And the crowded destinations. They do have an exciting life, but “all the time,” not so much. And that’s for everyone on the planet. What would life even be without challenges?

The Road From Digital Nomad Myths to Reality

I told you that the reality is good, and it surely is. If you’re planning to take the digital nomad journey, go ahead. It will be all about the mountains, the beaches, and skydiving. It will also be about the remote job, the delayed flights, jet lag, the benefits, and the challenges. You can never have it all, but a little more than “normal” is always better, isn’t it?


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