Data Centers: The Fastest-growing Asset Field After COVID Outbreak

data centers

According to Deloitte’s digital transformation survey, data centers are the fastest-growing asset after the COVID outbreak. The industry is expected to grow its capacity two to three times over the next few years. ​

According to Deloitte’s survey:

  • 88% of respondents expect an increasing demand for real estate space for data centers. Indeed, the report shows a bloom of investments in building centers of 10 million square feet.
  • 56% of respondents anticipate a massive growth for data centers, and 90% expect an increased government focus on developing data centers. 
  • The survey recorded a 27% year-on-year drop in new office space in the top seven cities. For example, the average reduction in demand in Mumbai stood at 27 %, New Delhi at 23%, Pune at 18%, and Hyderabad at 17%.

In addition, the report on the data centers highlighted: 

  • Hybrid working models are a growing trend for employees and employers alike, rotating the workforce to optimize the office space. As a result, 54% of employees agreed on hybrid models or work in a co-working space after the pandemic.
  • Managers aim to develop satellite offices according to the pandemic restrictions, as for 96% of respondents, the primary concern is office sanitation to work safely. 
  • 48% of respondents also expect growth of co-working spaces of over $900 million by 2023. And 50% see an increase of 10% in the upcoming 3-4 years. 

As Deloitte’s survey illustrates, data centers are the fastest-growing field post-pandemic. As a result, employers and employees transform their workflow, opting for hybrid models and co-working spaces. 


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