Dartmouth College Considers Remote Work for Staff

Dartmouth College remote work for staff
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Dartmouth College is planning a survey for employees to understand their work-from-home experience. The college is considering remote work for staff and will also be creating a work group to ask for recommendations.

The campus has restricted access to its campus since the start of the pandemic. During a virtual town hall forum on Wednesday, Dartmouth Executive Vice President Rick Mills expressed that there is a possibility of introducing remote work for staff and some of the employees can choose whether to work from home or any other location.

New Remote Work for Staff Policies

They’re currently in the process of forming the group in order to develop new policies related to remote work for staff. Dartmouth employees will be surveyed for their recommendations, experiences and suggestions. These recommended policies can be expected by the end of the current academic year.

“It offers new chances to employ the kinds of workers that we wouldn’t normally have access to in the Upper Valley or be able to recruit here.”Rick Mills, Dartmouth Executive Vice President

There are 3,961 employees in Dartmouth. Approximately, 76% of these workers “are working entirely remotely or only coming onsite occasionally”, as stated by the college spokeswoman, Diana Lawrence.

“Figuring out how we balance the interest of folks to be remote and the complexity and challenge of keeping registration and tax accounting in alignment is going to be one of the things we’ll be working on.”Rick Mills, Dartmouth Executive Vice President

The pandemic impacted the college adversely. The fiscal year 2020 resulted in around $26 million in losses. The college is expecting more losses of around $80 million in fiscal year 2021.

Most educational institutes across the world are suffering the impact of the pandemic. However, the solution lies in understanding the requirements of the employees in accordance to the situation. Policies that are designed to implement remote work for staff is surely a good start to a better way forward.

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