A New Hub For A Community Of Remote Workers

community of remote workers

Leslie and Mark Belsanti expanded Da Vinci Realty. The two owners transformed the space into a co-working hub for a community of remote workers. 

Since 2015, the Belsantis have been providing flexible office spaces to over 20 members. The Click CO+Work targets companies. In addition, another workspace is day users and city visitors. Membership includes a conference room for an hourly fee.

The new expansion aims to be a dynamic hub for a community of remote workers. As owner Leslie Belsanti said: “We love all that downtown has to offer locals and visitors alike […] Being in the commercial real estate market, as well as business owners ourselves looking for office space, […] we wanted to create something that didn’t exist yet in Flagstaff. We were excited to be able to provide that service for da Vinci Realty and other small business owners, solopreneurs, and remote workers.”

The new space engages with a community of remote workers promoting networking opportunities; knowledge-sharing sessions; and tech equipment for remote workflow. Finally, Click Co+Work doesn’t require long-term commitments. Member can try services and amenities for hours, days, or months. 

Finally, the co-working is affiliated with workspace software management provider operator Proximity. Co-working is a hub for a community of remote workers because it allows developing personal and professional relationships. And as most companies are opting for hybrid models, it’s a great solution to improve work-life balance. 

Image source: Click Co+Work


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