CVS Health Tests The Possibility for Remote Pharmacists to Review Prescriptions


CVS Health equipped approximately 9,000 pharmacies with technology suitable for employees to review and enter prescription information without being physically in the store. The purpose is to make this processes more efficient and fast.

The healthcare industry continues to adapt to remote work. With the right technology, remote pharmacists will be able to check on prescriptions without being in the store. How people pick up their prescriptions won´t change, but it will make the process faster.

CVS Health Tests Remote Work 

The pharmacy chain mentioned that this new technology keeps requirements for patient privacy as it allows its workforce to focus on other job duties. It makes the process of prescriptions faster and easier. 

Currently, over 400 CVS pharmacists are testing the technology from central locations.

Many states don’t allow pharmacists to work remotely, but if the testing period is successful, even pharmacists could perform tasks like verifying pill counts in bottles outside their current job locations.

Supplying enough pharmacists has been a remaining challenge even before the pandemic. Nearly the entire health sector struggles to retain pharmacy technicians. So hopefully, with this type of arrangement, retention and engagement could increase. 

According to CVS chief pharmacy officer Prem Shah, the initiative is focused on improving the company´s culture:

“We have to win them back by creating a better environment.”


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